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ROV's, Unmanned Surface Vehicles & Components for Underwater Intervention

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Surface Down / ROV Specialties 4512 State Rd  Cleveland, Ohio 44109  ph: 440-570-4997  email: rovspecialties@gmail.com


We also design most any type of framework, drive system or mechanism, or any imaginable widget you may need to drop below the surface. So browse are site and thanks for considering Surface Down for your next deep sea project.....

And since some of your requirements will be unique, the majority of our common items can be easily modified to fit your specifics at an off-the-shelf time frame and cost. 

Surface Down specializes in the design & fabrication of remote operated vehicles & marine sub-sea components.  We provide a vast product line of cameras, lasers, lighting, and subsea housings to fit most any depth requirement. We also produce fully loaded,one of a kind submersibles and surface vehicles to fit those specific tasks. 

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  • Search and Recovery
  • Lakebed Mapping​
  • ​Salvage Support
  • ​Bathymetric Surveys